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5 OKASHI melons in deluxe box

13,00 (VAT and shipping charges to mainlad spain included)

Okashi is a traditional Galia melon with an extraordinary flavor, a penetrating aroma and unbeatable qualities, only possible through its cultivation under a philosophy of work and exclusive dedication that implies extraordinary pampering, care and patience that only the best farmers can carry out. All this is a direct influence of good oriental customs.

Okashi is grown in the best soil. Campo de Cartagena, located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, is a place of dreams for its production, due to the fertility of land and a fantastic climate. These are the reasons that make

Okashi a unique melon.
The weight of each melon ranges between 900-1350 grams. We also guarantee a spectacular sweetness 13-15 Brix of sugar.

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